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Yoga Mat

TPE pads the most environmentally friendly

TPE yoga mat is the most high-grade products supplies, chloride-free, non-metallic elements, antistatic, each mat is about 1200 grams, lighter than PVC foam mat about 300 grams, more suitable to carry out. Usually the thickness of 6mm-8mm

Features: soft, obedient, strong grip - placed on any ground are more reliable. Yoga mat with PVC material compared to the light weight of about 300 grams, carry more convenient.

Reminder: TPE yoga mat material prices high.

Advantages of TPE pads, light weight, easy to carry, easy to clean, dry and wet skid resistance are very excellent, and high purity materials TPE mat, then there is no smell. Most PVC foam cushions because of the cost of the process and there is some flavor, this is no way to remove. Even some products do not taste, does not mean that its composition change or some harmful substances do not exist, unless the standard of export products carried out various tests.

EVA cheap

EVA foaming (EVA yoga mat content of 96% by weight is about 1500 grams) EVA is the name of a chemical raw material is a raw material. But no EVA foam used to be does not have the soft and anti-slip. Buffering role only after the foam it can produce like yoga mats, non-slip mat so the finished product.

Features: EVA materials at an affordable price, you can buy anywhere, guaranteed quality, cost-effective.

Reminder: avoid buying from the secondary material produced poor quality yoga mat.

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